Ghoti and Chips

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ghotiandchips said: Luka, are you still doing Kagerou? I was looking for the site earlier and electric-manga came up with nothing.


the url is gone forever, a hoarder snapped it up when i was too broke to pay the fee a couple years ago.

the new url is, although that is also still officially on hiatus due to shitty medical issues.

Thank you for the link! I must have missed the URL change somewhere along the way.

That sucks about the medical issues. Hopefully life decides to give you a break some day :(

Fish & Chip part 1

It was a beautiful summer day, and Charles was bored.

School had been out for two and a half weeks, his parents were both at work, and Marie was watching some lame show about France or something. He’d already finished reading the stack of comics he’d got at the library. Marie was using the TV, so he couldn’t play video games either.

“Bored. Bored bored bored bored bored.”

His sister sighed, “Aren’t there any games you can play?”

“No,” he swung his legs, kicking the side of the couch, “Do you think it’ll stop meaning something if I say bored a bunch of times in a row? Like a tongue twister.”

“Why don’t you go outside and play? It’s a nice day.”

“There’s nothing to do outside.”

“You have a swing set.”

“But I don’t wanna swing.”

“Just… Just go outside and find something to do. I’ll play something with you after my documentary.”

He sighed theatrically and got up off the couch, “Fiiine.”

She turned to look at him as he stomped towards the back door, “Don’t fall into the river. Mom and Dad would kill me if you drowned.”

“I know how to swim, Marie.”

“Whatever. Show’s back on. Go away.”

Hey so New Year’s resolution time is coming up. I’ve decided that mine is to write about 500 words a week. It might be for the Fish and Chip story, it might be for another story. This blog will be resurrected, but it may end up being a collection of different stories and drabbles on here.

Some stories I’m working on won’t appear on this blog, but I’ll try to post on this blog semi-regularly. I need to get back into writing.

 Now let’s see how long this New Year’s resolution thing will last since I’ve never done one before :D

Character bios

Scrapping all of this to start over, sorry.

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Ghoti and Chips

Scrapping everything and starting again, ignore this.

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So, Tumblr… What is it? I shall find out soon enough I suppose.

 I’m planning on writing a story with participation from other people on here, but I need to write something up first. I’ll get back to you later this week. Hopefully this experiment manages to go somewhere interesting.